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All members in good standing of the Burlington Business Group are listed below. We are accepting new members for any categories that are listed as open. If a category is occupied we will not be accepting new members at this time. If you do not see the category for your business and would like to join, please message us on our Facebook Page and tell us your business name and proposed category for consideration.

We are not accepting any businesses which are considered Multilevel Marketing.


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Category Company Member Name
Real Estate Ryan Ligeza Real Estate Ryan Ligeza
Photographer Anna Kobelak Photography Anna Kobelak
Promotional Materials VPG Marketing Steve Barrett
Insurance Freedom 55 Mike Palme
Financial Advisor Edward Jones Brenden Gilbert
Mortgage Broker Tribe Kara Herbeson
Legal Aid Legal Shield Diana Boudrahem
#SideHustle Coaching & Training JAMES’ MEDIA GROUP James Burchill
Senior Moving Specialist Aging In Place Danielle St-Aubin
Lawyer ISLaw Paul Silva
Hair Dresser Open Open
Vet Clinic Open Open
Car Mechanic Open Open
Accountant Open Open
Dentist Open Open
Florist Open Open
Mortician Open Open
Personal Fitness Trainer Open Open
Printer Open Open
Interior Designer Open Open
Contractor Open Open
Landscaper Open Open
Car Dealer Open Open
IT Open Open
Videographer Open Open
Travel Agent Open Open
Massage Therapist Open Open
Graphic Designer Open Open
Electrician Open Open
Spa Services Open Open
Business Trainer Open Open
Car Detailing / Cleaning Open Open
Home Cleaning Open Open