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Membership Application – How To Apply

We are always looking for new members to join the group and at this stage many of the industry categories are still available. Application for membership is very easy.

Step 1

Please take a look at the Members Page to make sure your category is available.

Step 2

If it is available, then visit our Facebook Page and message us letting us know when you would like to join us as a guest.
Application is really that quick and easy, and in most cases reviewed and approved within a 24 hour period.
We do reserve the right to refuse membership due to industry exclusivity (If someone is already a member) or MLM companies. Our apologies to MLM companies but the meetings are not a sales platform but a networking group. We find MLM members try to recruit and sell to other members which can cause an uncomfortable situation which works against the trust building and supportive environment we encourage.
We often have speakers and presentations at our meeting. The Schedule is available for you to see the upcoming presentations, and if there is one of particular interest to you. Again, we do ask that you let us know you are attending as a guest by messaging us on Facebook.
Thank you for your interest. We look forward to seeing you at lunch.